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And a warm welcome to our website

Who are we?

The Aylesbury Buckingham Park Church of Christ are a group of Christians whose desire is to be Christians only, both in our personal lives and in how we worship God. Our members are ordinary folk from all walks of life who are happy just to be a part of God’s family. Indeed ‘Family’ is the word we like to use when we think of ourselves. It is as a family that we approach our worship and all that we do.

We would like to welcome you to Buckingham Park Church of Christ, and invite you to our Sunday Gatherings, and our other weekly activities.

Worship and Gatherings


Worship and Communion 10.30 a.m.

General studies

Midweek Bible studies and Ladies classes are held but ties and dates for these vary. Should you wish to attend either of these then please contact us for details on a week by week basis.


"I was baptised for the forgiveness of my sins. I believe that God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I believed it was the right time for me to get baptised and to be a proper Christian."

"My journey to baptism began after I left the Seventh Day Adventist church. Up until my 30’s I'd never questioned what I believed, but when I watched a YouTube video of Jarrod Jacobs preaching from the Caneyville Church of Christ about why he was a member of the Church of Christ based on the foundations of first century church. When I started studying the bible through first century eyes church practices and worship all fell into to place. I looked for the nearest Church of Christ and after several visits I was baptised again not out of an obligation to join a church which I had done previously but the for remission of my sins."
Kevin Garcia