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Full Immersion

Baptism is an act that God has asked every believer in Jesus to do in order to demonstrate both physically and publicly that they are unified with Jesus in His death, burial and resurrection as the sole basis for their salvation. The believer is then demonstrating a personal faith in Christ and now walking in a new life with Him. 

Baptism is a means of a person openly declaring their faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour and their commitment to follow Him as the Lord of their life. 

Salvation does not come by baptism but baptism is an essential step to demonstrate your salvation.

Some people have not been baptised because they have felt or believed they were not ready or yet good enough.

However,  we believe that this way of thinking reflects a wrong understanding of baptism.  We are encouraged to be baptised when we believe in Jesus, not when we are perfect. 

If you wait until you are perfect, you will never be baptised.  Maturity comes from obedience and baptism is the first step of obedience that believers are commanded to take after trusting in the Lord Jesus.

We practice baptism of believers only by full immersion which is not seen as a tradition but as a requirement of faith. While adult baptism is practised we also baptise those who believe and are young enough to express their faith in Jesus.