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Why Study the Bible

The Bible is God’s Word to the world. Reading the Bible can appear to be daunting and so many leave the reading to others. It contains instructions for living and also how to find God. History has been recorded of events that took place where Kings fought and Judges ruled. It contains prophecies of the past and for the future. It introduces you to characters you will fall in love with and those who will disappoint instead.

Some personalities that are recorded are strong while others weaker. How these people appear to you when you read the Bible will vary as you try to make sense of characters who rise or fall. Ultimately, your growth in knowledge of the Bible is for your benefit as you work out what God may be telling you in your life. The studies in these pages are written to aid you to a better understanding of God, His plan and purpose for our lives.

We welcome you to this page and hope you enjoy the thoughts and go on to having a fruitful life in Christ.